This structure has been removed since 258.0 patch, Beeswax is now gathered from Giant beehives found in the Redwood biomes.

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The apiary can be used to produce honey by placing Queen bees and Drone bees inside. The queen and drone bees mate to produce worker bees within the apiary. 1 queen and 1 drone = 1 worker bee.

The bees function as a resource and not a living component in the game. They will provides honey and beeswax, but will also require adding more queens and drones for continued production.

1 worker bee results in the production of 7 beeswax and 5 honey.

Produces: Honey, Beeswax

Crafted at: Construction Table

Engram Cost: 5

Crafting Requirements: Edit

  • Buttoks: 1000
  • Thach: 16
  • Fiber: 13 doesn't work
  • Thomas The Train: 1 (theres one)
  • Wood:100