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Fat made from grinding plant seed in a Handmill. Less dense than oil harvest from the sea. This is used in the preserving shed, for example, instead of oil (crude) to make jerky (unlike the non-primitive game which uses oil (crude) for this process.) 25 seeds make 10 oil. It appears this is one of the methods for making seeds serve more of a purpose in the game. Now, valuable oil can be crafted from them.

Organic Oil can also made of Fat gathered from Animals like the Phiomia. Simply put 15 fat in a cooking device (campfire, grill, etc.) and cook to create 10 units of organic oil.

Can be used to produce Jerky. Organic oil takes about 90 minutes to make jerky (may need updating).

Crafted at: Handmill, Primitive Grill

Crafting requirements:

  • Seeds: 25/ Fat: 15
Tip: Any seeds can be used. Edit